Frequently asked questions regarding Mystery Jerseys.


1. What is a Mystery Jersey? 

- A Mystery Jersey is a box that contains a soccer jersey from a random professional club anywhere in the world. It's fun because you never know what jersey you're going to get, so you get the same anticipation you get on Christmas morning. Mystery Jerseys make a great gift and are also a brilliant way to expand a jersey collection. All Mystery jerseys are 100% authentic original manufacturer product. No fakes, no reprints, no flea market knockoffs. 

2. What league will my jersey(s) come from?

-  Any professional football league is on the table, but the majority of jerseys will come from Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and National Teams. If you need me to send a Mystery Jersey from a certain league, or there is a particular team you want me to avoid, simply leave a comment at checkout!

3. What year will my Mystery Jersey be from?

-  Its all a mystery! Your jersey might be retro, it might be the latest design, you just never know. The jersey will always be unworn, brand new, with tags, and from the original manufacturer. 

4. Will my Mystery Jersey have a name and number on the back?

-  This is not guaranteed, as a majority of jerseys sold worldwide don't have names or numbers on the back since its about the crest on the front. However, there will be a number of jerseys available that do have names and numbers, it's just a game of chance! 

3. Is authenticity guaranteed? 

- Yes 100%. If you have any reason to believe you received an inferior product, simply return the item and we will send you another kit. Just pay return shipping. 

4. Are Mystery Jersey's Brand New with Tags?

-  Yes. All Mystery Jerseys are brand new, and never worn. They all have original manufacturers tags.

*There are some exceptions including if you receive a RARE "MATCH WORN JERSEY" which would've been worn during a professional game by a professional footballer. These will not have tags, and will not be new. It would've been worn for a single match, and may include stains which were incurred during that match. A "MATCH WORN JERSEYS" is washed thoroughly by the original club for sanitary purposes.*

5. How long will my Mystery Jersey take to get mailed to me?

- 3-9 Business Days= Greater Toronto Area
- 7-10 Business Days= Outside Greater Toronto Area

6. How will my Mystery Jersey be packaged?

-  Mystery Jerseys will be delivered in a padded clothing envelope and sent to your address. 

7. Who will complete my delivery?

-  Canada Post for Canadians, UPS in the states. 

8. Do I save money on soccer jerseys by purchasing Mystery Jerseys?

- Yes you save BIG by purchasing Mystery Jerseys. MSRP on a new offically licenced soccer jersey is $120. The Mystery Jersey only cost $79.99. If you purchase a Mystery Jersey FEEDBAG you save even more money! This is simply the best way to buy the coolest, rarest, and exceptionally designed soccer jerseys in the world!

9. What if I don't like my Mystery Jersey?

- That's all part of the fun, sometimes you get a shirt you might not love, but the next time you may get a signed game worn jersey that was used in a Champions League final. Bobby Bigwheel does have some control over the jerseys, so he will do his best to pick out the most fire designs out there!

10. What is the sizing like?

- When buying a Mystery Jersey use your regular shirt size. Jerseys naturally fit a little more snug, so if you're worried about this, just size up. All manufacturers have a similar sizing dimension. "Fan Replica" jerseys fit similar to T-shirts, "Player Authentics" fit a little tighter (athletic) as they are the same jerseys used by the players on the field. We have men's, women's and kids sizes available.